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Diamond’s Fate by Angie Singleton

In Book I, readers will find out how Diamond’s moral values instilled by her mother and adoptive parents, and her unwavering faith in God, enabled her to endure many adversities she experienced in life.

 In Book II, a bright light shines on human atrocities caused by hatred and prejudice that exist between racial, religious and other groups throughout America and the world. Through this book, readers will witness the unification of Diamond’s black and white relatives, which proves that love.....

BLATANT Betrayal: Fifty years of DECEPTION

Angie is a bestselling author, who is betrayed by a woman she considered her best friend of fifty years. The woman copied Angie’s bestselling novel and published it under a different title. Angie is in the process of suing the woman for copyright infringement. The woman, who appears to have a split personality, has blatantly denied committing plagiarism.




Smartphone Aliens

Smartphone Aliens is a chilling science fiction story similar to the popular TV series “The Twilight Zone.” Three close friends, Ken, Susan and Rick and other humans are tormented by smartphone aliens because of their evil misdeeds on earth. Repentance is the only thing that will save the earth from complete destruction.


Blatant Betrayal: The Court Documents

This riveting true story of betrayal is mind-blowing! Maybe if plagiarism was a criminal offense, literary thieves wouldn’t be so quick to steal the literary work of others. This story is unbelievable to say the least!

Diamond’s ‘out of the closet’ Lover: Diamond’s Fate

Does anyone really get a second chance at love?

In this newest installment in the Diamond’s Fate series, Author Angie Singleton once again invites readers into the world of Diamond Pearl Hope, who has had a difficult life struggling with her biracial identity, an abusive relationship, and her estranged family. Now, the forty-three-year-old anchorwoman is finding herself falling in love again–and it’s a lot more complicated than she could have imagined!

Diamond loves her job as an investigative reporter, but.....